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Zilch Acne Formula - 240 tabs (30 day dose)

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Zilch Acne Formula is an all natural internal treatment for acne. The tablets comprise of a carefully selected blend of 100% Chinese Herbs, pressed in to tablet form.

Zilch was developed by Dr Vivian Tam, an industry leading registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Zilch contains 17 potent herbs that work on the root cause of acne problems, not just external symptomatic relief. The patented formula works on:-

  • reducing inflammation in the skin that causes redness, swelling, itching and painful pimples
  • removing heat & toxicity (TCM - traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • detox - assisting in clearing digestion and liver
  • promoting circulation

The types of acne that Zilch has been successful treating include:-

  • Cystic acne (deep, large, sore)
  • Whiteheads (pimples that come to a head)
  • Acne resulting from coming off the pill
  • Hormonal Acne
  • Adult Acne on jawline, chin, cheeks & temples
  • Stubborn Acne that has not responded to other treatments

Users can expect to see changes in the skin within 1-2 weeks with a reduction in inflammation and swelling. Clear skin may be noted within 6 to 8 weeks but each person is different and results will vary.

DOSE: up to 4 tablets twice a day.

INGREDIENTS: Prunus persica, kernal. Carthamus tinctorius, flower. Salvia miltiorrhiza, root. Hedyotis diffusa, herb. Angelica dahurica, root. Gleditsia sinensis, spine. Viola yedoensis, herb Taraxacum mongolicum, herb. Lonicera japonica, flower. Phellodendron amurense, bark. Paeonia suffruticosa, root bark. Gardenia florida, fruit. Gentiana scabra, root. Potato starch.

Zilch is produced by a TGA certified manufacturer.

WARNING: Individuals taking anticoagulants or individuals at risk of bleeding problems should seek medical advice before taking Zilch. Do not use if pregnant or likely to become pregnant.

Zilch is safe to use while on birth control medication. There is not enough testing about Zilch and breastfeeding to suggest it is safe or unsafe. We suggest you speak to a medical practitioner.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We are unable to ship this product to North America.

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