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Waters Co Bio Mineral Pot - 5.25L Benchtop Water Filter

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The Waters Co Bio Mineral Pot is a  glass reservoir benchtop water filter with the same high quality filtration system as the popular water filter jug. It removes up to 99.99% of all the regular contaminants (chloride, bacteria, lead, copper, aluminium, mercury, cadmium) as well as fluoride.

As well as removing these contaminants, the filter adds over 60 bio organic trace minerals back in to water, making it one of the cleanest tasting water filter solutions on the market today.

The filter comes with a filtration kit that lasts up to 4 years or the equivalent of 8 litres of water a day over 4 years.

It contains 13 stages of filtration including sterilising, filtering and activation, and remineralising the water.

  • Sub micron prefilters
  • Silver ionised activated coconut shell carbon,
  • Ion exchange cation resin blend for 99.99% Fluoride removal
  • Bio organic coral mineral sands
  • Silica sands
  • Far infrared ceramics
  • Bio ceramic Somelite
  • Magnets and other patented filter medium.




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