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Waters Co Bio Mineral Pot Ace Water Filter Jug

The Waters Co Bio Mineral Ace Pot is a premium quality water filter jug that removes up to 99.99% of all the regular contaminants (chloride, bacteria, lead, copper, aluminium, mercury, cadmium) as well as fluoride, something not found in any other jug on the market.

As well as removing these contaminants, the jug adds over 60 bio organic trace minerals back in to water, making it one of the cleanest tasting water filter solutions on the market today.

The filter comes with a filtration kit that lasts up to 2 years or 4,800 litres. It costs approx 2c per litre to run, which is cheaper than the budget just you can purchase at supermarkets and discount variety stores.

CAPACITY - 1 litre jug with an extra 900ml to fit in the top funnel

MEASUREMENTS - fits in most fridge doors. 27cm high, 25.5cm long, 11.5cm deep.

FILTRATION RATE - 2 to 3 litre every hour or 16-20 minutes for the jug


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