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Vanessa Megan Natural Mini Perfume Collection

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Vanessa Megan Natural Mini Perfume Collection is the perfect way to fall in love with all four of the signature scents from Vanessa Megan. Beautifully gift boxed, your collection contains:-

  • 10ml Monarch - The original Essential Blend balancing sensual musk and earthy florals.
  • 10ml Harvest - Sweet Citrus settling to warm oriental woody.
  • 10ml LIliquoi - a floral bouquet and fruity resins.
  • 10ml Wild Woud - rich deep woody resins cloaked in eastern spices.

“There is a time every morning, somewhere between the stars and the sunrise, when I remember that I have wings.”

Each precious bottle is a premium aromatic natural perfume blended from 100%  natural and wild grown flowers, trees, fruits, spices and resins. Completely free from synthetics, toxins and alcohol, these natural perfumes will linger on the skin, hair and clothing.

The warmth of your body will activate the precious oils and give each person a slightly unique experience as they wear it. Each perfume comes in a beautiful gold printed gift box and looks stunning on your dresser.

Please visit each individual perfume for their full Notes and Ingredients list.

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