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MV Skincare Energising Mineral Mask

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  • MV Skincare Energising Mineral Mask (100g) is a luxury skin mask to clarify, energise and refine skin. The mask is an essential boost to kick start circulation, refine skin texture and return a healthy glow to devitalised and sun-damaged complexions. A wonderful multitasker, this rejuvenating treatment is also a must if your skin has been neglected or is looking a little dull. Your skin will be healthy and radiant in 7 minutes! It's a great way to give yourself a mini facial at home.

    This mask is suited to all skin types, but particularly beneficial for dull or tired skin.

    Key ingredients: Silica and Magnesium

    MV Organic Skincare is a luxury, Australian natural skincare line, using the highest quality ingredients chosen for their efficacy and purity. Created by master facialist and holistic skin expert Sharon McGlinchey, it has been highly praised by beauty journalists and celebrities alike for its quality, integrity and results.

    Country of origin: Australia.

  • For best results: use 1–2 times a week and always remove clay while still slightly damp.

    Blend 2 teaspoons of the mask to a smooth creamy consistency with a small amount of Rose Hydrating Mist or filtered/spring water. Once the mask has been blended you can customise by adding 3-4 drops of your favourite MV Skin Booster. Use your mask brush to apply to the face and neck then relax for approximately 7-10 minutes - do not allow the mask to dry completely. Remove with warm water, damp face washer or muslin cloth, then spritz and moisturise as normal. Use twice weekly for optimum results.

  • INGREDIENTS: Superfine White Clay (Kaolin) and Yellow Clay (Illite).

    Typical Mineral Composition: Silica, Aluminium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron Oxide, Potassium. Traces of Sodium and Manganese.

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