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MV Skincare Pure Jojoba

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  • MV Organic Skincare's Pure Jojoba is 100% organic, pure and delicate jojoba oil. Suited to all skins, particularly extra-sensitive, jojoba oil has many uses: As a superfine natural moisturiser, it absorbs easily to nourish, soften and protect the skin without clogging the pores. It removes eye make-up and mascara while strengthening the lashes and conditioning the skin. Such a multi-purpose bathroom essential, it's also a gentle and effective cleanser for hyper sensitive skins. 35ml.

    What is Jojoba: The seed of a desert shrub, MV Pure Jojoba is not an oil at all but a unique liquid wax that closely resembles the skin’s own sebum. This makes it highly compatible with the delicate skin inside the circle of the eye. This superfine wax with naturally occurring vitamin A, D & E is also perfect light moisturiser for use on the face, neck and body.

    It’s the best eye make-up remover you’ll ever use plus it has a dozen other uses. From new born babes, teenagers through to the elderly – everyone can benefit from this multi-purpose natural beauty product. Other treatment benefits include: dry, itchy skin conditions, oily and acne-prone skins, damaged hair, scalp conditions, shaving rash, heat rash and infant skin care.

    "I have been looking my entire life for the perfect skin care and now I have found it!!" Melissa George, Actress.

    MV Organic Skincare is a luxury, Australian natural skincare line, using the highest quality ingredients chosen for their efficacy and purity. Created by master facialist and holistic skin expert Sharon McGlinchey, it has been highly praised by beauty journalists and celebrities alike for its quality, integrity and results.

    Country of origin: Australia.

  • As an eye make-up remover, place 3-4 drops of pure jojoba on a slightly damp make-up removal pad. Hold over each eye for a slow count of 5, then use a light touch to wipe away make-up.

    As a cleanser, place 3-4 drops of pure jojoba on a slightly damp make-up removal pad and gently wipe over face to remove traces of make-up, grime etc, repeat if needed.

    As a superfine natural moisturiser, simply smooth 2-3 drops over damp skin.

  • Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinesis) Seed Oil*

    * Organically Grown.

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