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Lunette Menstrual Cup Wipes

  • Lunette Menstrual Cup Wipes (10 pcs) are your cleanser on the go when water is not an option. Road trips, Airplane bathrooms, festival porta-potties or just your office bathroom stall - you’re totally covered. These handy Cupwipes eliminate nearly all germs, and enable you to use our cup safely.

    Totally portable - the box contains 10 individually wrapped wipes which are easy to stash in your back pocket or purse. The Cupwipes are made of eco-friendly viscose plus alcohol and water, and are biodegradable and compostable. Sanitize your cup easily and discreetly.

    Fragrance-free and irritant-free, the natural companion to your Lunette cup.

    Using Lunette Cupwipes is easy! First wipe and dry the cup with a tissue, then sanitise the cup with the Lunette Cupwipe. After sanitising let the cup dry completely before you insert it again (this takes only a few moments). Furthermore it is recommended to sanitise the Lunette menstrual cup before and after your period by cleaning it with the Lunette Cupwipes or boiling it in hot water for 3-5 min.

    Lunette participates in and helps to organise a variety of charity events and projects across the globe in order to provide sexual and health education to school-aged girls, and to provide them with Lunette Menstrual Cups. Made in Finland. Packed in Recycled and Recyclable materials.

  • Ingredients: Water, alcohol denat. (Lunette CupWipes are made from viscose - a biodegradable material that breaks down quickly. You can compost the used wipe).

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