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INDAH No.7 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil To Go

  • INDAH No.7 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil To Go (100ml) is a pure hand-pressed coconut oil that's ready to go! So there's cold-pressed, and then there's something even better than that: hand-pressed; which means the coconut flesh is pressed and squeezed using nothing but muslin cloth and very powerful you one of the purest coconut oils on earth! Also available in a larger 350ml size.


    * The minimalist's essential for glowing skin & strong, shiny hair

    * BPA Free & Biodegradable packaging with handy applicator

    * Convenient 100ml size fits in your hand luggage, gym bag, handbag & you can pretty much take it anywhere

    * Contains Vitamins E & K, Iron & Fatty Acids which are important for the healthy growth & repair of the hair

    * INDAH coconut oil has been tested to include a staggering 57% lauric acid content Extra Virgin & using the finest quality mature coconuts.


    "Instead of slathering yourself with more toxins & colourants from conventional body oils & hair treatments, why not try our cult hero "Coconut Oil" & there are so many ways you can use it, I don't know where to start! I like to include my coconut oil in my beauty regime as much as's good for the skin, hair & nails! I love blending it into my healthy smoothies too.

    "Everybody goes nuts over our coconut oil & the consensus was to make it more user-friendly. It's still the same beautiful, crystal-clear coconut oil as before but this time, but I've found a way for you to take it everywhere (gym, work, vacay) & helps reduce waste & clutter from our environment. Best of all, your purchase helps support fair-trade, & the less-fortunate & physically challenged villagers who hand-make this amazing product."

    INDAH was founded by model and wellness warrior, Teisha Lowry in 2008, she is passionate about promoting humanitarian causes, and her natural and organic approach towards the wellbeing of mind and body are reflected in her beautiful, certified organic and cruelty-free range.

    Country of origin: Australia

  • Beauty: Coconut oil is a rich natural source of nutrients which provide hydration and nourishment to the skin. Its multi-tasking beauty uses include: night cream, full body moisturiser, hair treatment, deep cleanser (mild exfoliant), makeup remover, after shave.

    Cooking: INDAH Virgin Coconut Oil is a raw superfood and saturated, natural fat that's ideal for cooking. Unlike other plant-based cooking oils, pure coconut oil doesn't break down and go rancid at high temperatures (as it doesn't burn it can't become carcinogenic like unsaturated fats).

    If the oil is solid, just warm it between your hands to soften.

  • 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

    Hand pressed organically harvest fresh coconut flesh. INDAH Virgin Coconut Oil is 55-57% high in Lauric Acid, that can only be found naturally in breast milk; helping fight free radicals.

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