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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - 4 sizes

  • This little pot of Egyptian Magic has gained cult beauty status for its all-natural formula and fabulous multi-beauty uses: revered by top makeup artists and celebrities alike for its makeup priming amazingness, loved by mums and bubs for its skin healing properties and those on the go looking to simplify their beauty regimen. Since this handy little potion doubles (or dozens!) up as a moisturiser, cleanser and lip balm (to name just a few of its uses!). You won't be disappointed with this versatile little wonder cream as seen in all the mags from Vogue to Elle. Indeed, its skin loving properties are legendary not only in the beauty and fashion industries, but the medical world too.

    Lord-Pharaoh ImHotep-AmonRa, the CEO, founder and manufacturer of Egyptian Magic, believes his modern potion is made with the blessings and guidance of his ancestors. Based on a formula that was created thousands of years ago in the land of the Pharaohs, Egyptian Magic is derived only from living plants and organisms and is safe for the whole family the use.

    Country of origin: USA

  • Here are just some of the uses of Egyptian Magic:

    Psoriasis/Eczema: Many eczema sufferers have reported the fantastic healing properties of Egyptian Magic. Apply a patch test to start with.

    Face Protection: Protects against windburn or sunburn.

    Makeup Primer: Applied under makeup, Egyptian Magic makes a beautiful primer, giving a subtle, glossy glow, while nourishing your skin with 100% goodness. Hollywood Stars and their make-up artists love Egyptian Magic for this purpose! Many of the top makeup artists at fashion weeks across the globe depend on it because they can use it in so many ways... Madonna, Kate Hudson and Gisele Bundchen to name a few!

    Makeup Remover: Apply Egyptian Magic to a cotton pad to naturally remove eye makeup.

    Aftershave: Use Egyptian Magic as an aftershave to treat any post-shaving sensitivity, to prevent scarring from nicks and cuts, keep your skin soft and supple and avoid the growth of ingrown hairs.

    Face and Eye Moisturiser: Apply Egyptian Magic twice daily for maximum benefit.

    Dry Scalp/Cracked Heels: If it’s dry, Egyptian Magic can moisturise and restore your skin to supple softness again.

    Burns (including sunburn): Egyptian Magic can help relieve minor burns including sunburn. Apply gently to affected areas as needed.

    Acne: Don't be put off by its oily nature; Egyptian Magic can help reduce acne and heal acne scars.

    Scars/Wrinkles: Egyptian Magic has been used by plastic surgeons in the USA to treat post-surgical scarring. Use minimum of twice per day for up to 6.

    Itchy Skin: Whether it is insect bites, razor burn or chaffing, Egyptian Magic can be used to take the itch away very quickly.

    Tattoos: Egyptian Magic can be applied immediately to help with healing and reduce scabbing.

    Hair Treatment: Many customers report using Egyptian Magic as a hair treatment to restore lustre, tame the frizz and nourish your roots.

    Massage: Egyptian Magic skin cream has the right consistency to be used as massage oil. Simply warm up between your palms and start massaging.

    Lip Balm: The 100% natural ingredients in Egyptian Magic will do wonders for your lips restoring dry, cracked lips in a flash (PLEASE NOTE: Do not use if you know you have (or could have) an allergy to Bee products)

    Pregnancy: Apply twice daily all over body during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and to keep skin soft and supple.

    Nappy Rash: A wonderful barrier cream as well as a treatment if nappy rash has already occurred. (PLEASE NOTE: Do not use if you or your child has (or may have) an allergy to Bee products).

  • Warm a small amount of Egyptian Magic Cream in palm of hand or fingertips before using. Melts on contact with skin and absorbs quickly for a smooth, soft finish. Use anywhere on face or body.

  • Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis

    That's all folks!

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