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Eco Tan Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt

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Eco Tan Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt is the perfect way to apply your 'at home' tanning products with professional results.

One side is for the application of the tanning water and the other side for the creams and mousse. It is washable and reusable and will help gain a flawless finish each time.

Eco Tan are a healthy alternative to self tanning with no hidden nasties. Eco Tan are the first and only tanning company to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain, under the Australian Government's organic and biodynamic standards. The colour in the tan is derived from cacao (chocolate) so it does not contain green or orange tones. Eco Tan products also do not contain synthetic ingredients or GMO's.

Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free. Organic Food Chain and Australian Organic Certified Ingredients. Eco Tan‘s organic processor number is 0660. Vegan.

Country: Australia.

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