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Bodecare Tampico Bristle Dry Body Brush

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Bodecare Tampico Bristle Dry Body Brush - your FSC Certified, vegan dry body brush with removable handle and hand strap is the finest quality for the ritual of dry body brushing.

With daily use, a dry body brush provides whole body exfoliation, even for areas on the back that are normally hard to reach. It stimulates the lymphatic system and helps your largest detox organ, your skin, to perform at its best.

The bristles on your brush are made from Tampico plant bristles, the premium plant based material for dry body brushes. They are fine and cut on a smooth convex so they won't scratch the skin as you brush.

The timber on your brush is FSC certified, it's heat treated (not fumigated with chemicals) and oiled. The head has a canvas strap for use without the handle (not leather).

Firmness -  the bristles on this brush are firm, but they are not harsh.

How To Use - brush  your body gently in a circular motion starting from the extremities (hands and feet), working towards the heart.

Caring For Your Brush - do not wet the timber. Periodically wash the bristles only and allow to completely try before using again. We recommend the Tea Tree Soap from Dr Bronners. Spray bristles with a diluted Tea Tree Oil solution to kill any bacteria.

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