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Black Chicken Muslin Face Cloth (x2)

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  • Black Chicken Muslin Face Cloth is a 100% cotton super fine muslin cloth, which can be used to help remove make-up and impurities as it gently exfoliates the skin. They are really effective for cleansing the skin. Designed for use with the Cleanse My Face purifying oil cleanser. Pack of 2 cloths.

    Have you ever used a muslin cloth? They are not only light and perfect for traveling but they also have many other benefits that you may not know:

    – They are soft and gentle on the skin – you don’t want to pull or scratch your face while cleansing.

    – They are re-usable so much more environmentally friendly, and contain no toxic chemicals just 100% pure cotton.

    – They can be added to your washing machine and reused over and over. They dry very quickly due to their open weave, preventing any bacteria growing; which is the last thing you need especially if you suffer from acne or eczema.

    Look Better. Feel Better. Love Your Body. is the philosophy behind Black Chicken Remedies and it sums up the wellbeing and reverence for life beautifully encapsulated in their products. Founded by Chey Birch, in Sydney, the brand came to be after years spent making her own natural skin care. The skin healing benefits from the brand’s remedial products are absorbed through the skin and the olfactory system. Through the power of 100% natural ingredients in perfect balance, Black Chicken Remedies connect you and your precious body with the harmony underlying all living things.

    Country: Australia

  • Use to remove your cleanser or face mask. Rinse the cloth in warm water and remove the cleanser using a gentle circular motions.

  • Made from 100% muslin cotton.

    100% natural. Cruelty Free

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