The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder

Advanced super greens & detoxifying supplement to support liver & digestive function

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The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder (150g) is an advanced super-greens and detoxifying supplement designed to help detox and purify your body on the inside, promoting smoother, clearer skin on the outside. New advanced formula!

Forty-five organic and bio-fermented power ingredients like chickpeas, adzuki beans, mung beans, lentils and organic sprouted pea powder provide fibre to aid the elimination process and help remove toxins from the body. Additionally, broccoli, beetroot, kale, rosemary, St Mary’s Thistle, dandelion, spinach, nettle, lemon, collared greens and a unique phyto-greens blend including spirulina and barley grass work to support the liver’s second phase of detoxification, while a super-blast of digestive enzymes balances gut health.

To unlock the benefits of these wonder ingredients, the cleanse formula is fermented using The Beauty Chef’s exclusive flora culture™ bio-fermentation process, whereby a unique mother culture containing a variety of lactic-acid producing bacteria bio-activates and supercharges the ingredients, making the nutrients more available to the body. The result is a broad-spectrum, natural probiotic that supports the cleansing of your liver and internal organs to promote healthy, radiant skin.

“Although the skin is the body’s largest elimination organ, it is one of the last places in the body to receive nutrients, and one of the first to suffer,” said Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef. "If your complexion looks clogged or congested, chances are your liver is, too. that’s why we’ve used traditional liver herbs in the cleanse formula, which, when combined with digestive enzymes, our other hero ingredients and The Beauty Chef’s unique fermentation process, creates an incredibly powerful powder that cleanses and nourishes you on the inside, to promote skin health and radiance on the outside.”


Anyone who feels sluggish, is prone to skin breakouts, and would like to improve liver and digestive function.


  • Naturally Fermented
  • Supports the body's elimination pathways.
  • Provides digestive balance
  • Promotes clearer, smoother skin
  • Naturally fermented whole foods, prebiotics and probiotics
  • Rich in liver supporting herbs, alkalising greens, enzymes, fibre, prebiotics and probiotics.


Digestive enzymes, sprouted pea fibre, kale, jerusalem artichoke extract, chia seeds, barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, broccoli, sprouts, milk thistle.

The super ingredients in The Beauty Chef’s CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder include:

Digestive enzymes*: a unique blend of naturally occurring amylase, protease, lipase, lactase and cellulose to help break down and assimilate foods, balance the gut, assist digestion and support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Sprouted pea fibre*: our sprouted pea fibre is easy to digest and is a great source of fibre to help keep your bowels healthy.

Jerusalem Artichoke extract*: rich in the prebiotic inulin, this extract helps feed the good bacteria in your gut which helps keep your system and bowels healthy.

Bio-fermented Chia seeds*: high in omega-3, calcium, protein, fibre, iron, antioxidants and vitamin b to cleanse and support the liver.

Bio-fermented Chlorella*: an easily digested complete protein, rich in vitamins c, e and bs, plus calcium, iron and betacarotene. It is a blood cleanser and oxygenator and a well known detoxifier.

Bio-fermented St Mary’s Thistle*: a digestive liver tonic which helps the body to excrete toxins, and is also a powerful antioxidant.

Bio-fermented Dandelion Root*: a digestive aid and liver tonic, this soothing root helps to regulate the bowels and is high in vitamins a and c plus many minerals, including potassium.

Bio-fermented Barley Grass*: a powerful antioxidant said to have 30 times more vitamin b1 and 11 times more calcium than cow’s milk, six and a half times as much carotene and almost five times the iron content of spinach, and almost seven times the vitamin c of oranges.

Country: Australia.

Please note: we are only able to ship products from The Beauty Chef within Australia only.


Whether taken as a daily boost of cleansing greens or used in the short-term, to help your body realign either during or after times of excess - the alkalising blend features 45 certified organic and bio-fermented fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, algae, grasses, plant fibre, purifying herbs and digestive enzymes. Servings per package 21; serving size 7g.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 7g (1.5 tsp) once daily into 200ml of water, coconut water, in a smoothie or sprinkled on your breakfast.

Cleanse can be used alone or in conjunction with The Beauty Chef’s Body or Glow Inner Beauty Powders. for optimum results combine cleanse with The Beauty Chef’s new Antioxidant, Hydration and Collagen Inner Beauty Boosts.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please check with your health practitioner before using.


Organic Fermented Nutrient Blend with Flora CultureTM (mung beans*, chick peas*, red lentils*, quinoa*, linseed*, chlorella*, spirulina*, barley grass*, wheat grass*, adzuki beans*, honey*, molasses*, chia seed*, millet*, parsley*, broccoli sprouts*, lemon juice*, kale*, beetroot*, rosemary*, St Mary’s thistle, dandelion root, burdock root, ginger, cinnamon, fennel seed*, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, L. delbrueckii, L. caseii, L. bulgaris, L. caucasicus, L. fermenti, L. plantarum, L. brevis, L. helveticus, L.lactis, Bifidabacterium bifidum, Saccharomyces boulardii, Saccharomyces cerevisiae), (0.05% molasses and honey added for the fermentation process), sprouted pea fibre*, Jerusalem artichoke*, spinach*, nettle*, wheatgrass*, barley grass*, alfalfa grass*, chlorella*, spirulina*, natural. Dairy free, sugar free, nut free and unpasteurised with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Fermented using a natural process.

* Certified Organic Ingredients


Founded by Carla Oates in Sydney, The Beauty Chef believe beauty begins in the belly. Carla, a renowned natural beauty expert, begun making her own healthy natural food grade skincare and superfoods before deciding to share her amazing healthy formulas with others. Creating probiotic superfoods with their unique bio-fermentation process, endorsed by 20 years of research that supercharges nutrients, improves their bio-availability and creates a natural broad-spectrum probiotic.