Sonia Orts Pillow Mist - Sweet Dreams

The perfect accord of sweet oranges and a woody-musk trail of lavender and lemon balm.


Sonia Orts Pillow Mists are a 100% natural pillow mist and natural home fragrance that are safe to spray on  your pillow or soft furnishings to create a calming atmosphere to promote relaxation and wellbeing. They're also suitable to use as a body spray.

Perfume Melody

Fill your room with a delicate sweet and soothing scent. A perfect accord of sweet oranges from Valencia wrapped with a captivating woody-musk trail of Provençal lavender and softening lemon balm.

Sweet Dreams contains essential oils such as lavender, lemon balm, or sweet orange to provide immediate sense of well-being and inner peace. When applied regularly it is effective at creating a soothing sensation, conducing to a peaceful and relaxing night's sleep.


For external use only. Store below 30 degrees away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Patch test for allergies. Keep out of reach of children.

The Alchemic Perfumes are 100% natural made only with raw botanical ingredients, organic and wild harvested whenever possible, plant based and food grade alcohol (undenatured ethyl alcohol sourced from sugar cane) and therapeutic grade steam distilled pure essential oils. The Alchemic Perfumes are toxin free which means they don’t contain heavy metals, phthalates, synthetics fragrances, petro-chemicals, PEGs, or synthetic preservatives. The Alchemic Perfumes are eco-green clean fragrances.


Spray the product over the pillow. Hold 20 cm from the pillow and spray generously. Thanks to its natural composition, you can also use it as a mild perfume. Always shake before use.

Due to its natural composition, this product may have small variations in appearance, texture and scent. These variations occur naturally with herbs and petal extracts, and may be observed from one product to the next or within different batches of the same product. You may also notice the coulour fades over time as we only use natural colorants. Rest assured however, that the quality of the product will NOT be affected if you follow the directions for use. I am committed to an eco-friendly and sustainable way of producing cosmetics and do not use any chemicals to homogenise, preserve or clarify the ingredients.


Neroli floral water, Almond oil polyglycerol, Coconut sugar complex, Our alchemic synergy from natural essential oils with active compounds: Limonene, geraniol, linalool, citronellal, a-pinene, nerol, a-terpineol, Vitamine E.


The Alchemic Perfumes are the signature product in the Sonia Orts range; natural and organic fragrances made by an ancient alchemical process called Spagyric*. Sonia creates only eau de parfum as she believe organic perfumes should be luxurious and last longer.