Black Chicken Transcendence 1 Essential Oil Perfume

All natural perfume with a signature blend of essential oils to lift your mood


Black Chicken Transcendence 1 Essential Oil Perfume – (10ml) is an all-natural perfume oil that instantly lifts your mood and leaves you smelling naturally fresh and fragrant with its signature blend of essential oils: Sandalwood, Geranium Bourbon, Patchouli, Lavender, Carrot, Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg. The perfume oil is based on Black Chicken's Love Your Body Oil blend, with hints of the tropical and deep surf notes, is a powerful activating factor. Unique to everyone, the body oils absorb through the olfactory system to communicate with your brain enhancing your wellbeing, and respond to your body temperature creating your own unique scent. Designed for men and women, it responds differently with each, and the scent-sational experience it provides transcends gender. Here are the key ingredients, including Ylang Ylang – the scent of Love!

• Sandalwood - Calming, reduces stress and tension

• Geranium Bourbon - balances the nervous system, reduces anxiety and raises the spirit

• Patchouli - Helps to ground and integrate your energy

• Lavender - Helps alleviate stress and promote personal renewal

• Carrot - Has a cleansing effect on the mind and relieves feelings of stress

• Ylang Ylang - Can help with feelings of self confidence. Its heavy, sweet and seductive aroma has aphrodisiac qualities

• Nutmeg - Invigorates the senses and stimulates the mind


Country: Australia


Apply to pulse points on neck, wrists and inner elbows for a powerful boost to well-being and to freshen up, as and when needed throughout the day.


Essential oils of Sandalwood, Geranium Bourbon, Patchouli, Lavender, Carrot, Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg in a base of Sunflower oil. Key ingredient - Love!

100% natural pure plant extracts, no alcohol, no toxic chemicals.

Vegan, Cruelty Free.


Home of the original cult natural deodorant paste in Australia, Black Chicken Remediesis so much more. Their range of natural skin care products are all performance and no fillers, with clean, pure and effective natural oils that just work.