Black Chicken Cacao Revelation Deep Cleanse Face Mask Pack

Antioxidant packed deep cleansing and calming face mask to even skin tone. Comes with muslin cloth, scoop and brush


Black Chicken's Cacao Revelation Deep Cleanse Face Mask Pack is just what you need to achieve a smooth and radiant, healthy complexion, naturally. The deeply cleansing and calming face mask evens skin tone, while drawing impurities deep from your pores. Raw Organic Cacao is packed with antioxidants that absorb skin damaging free radicals that contribute to uneven skin tone.

This ancient remedy for present day skincare needs will:

• Draw impurities from pores

• Even skin tone

• Gently stimulate circulation

• Reduce wrinkles

• Reduces inflammation

• Smoothe and refines complexion

• Treat acne and problem skin

This great value pack includes:

Cacao Revelation Mask 50g/1.76oz

Face Mask Brush

Single application scoop

100% Cotton Muslin Cloth

PLUS 100% Cotton Mesh Bag

Country: Australia


Raw Organic Cacao* (packed with antioxidants to repair skin and reduce inflammation, promoting healthy cell growth); Pink Kaolin Clay (gently stimulates circulation and draws oil from pores); White Kaolin Clay (rich in calcium, silica, magnesium and zinc); Aloe Vera Powder* (high in antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals that heal the skin); Green Tea (restores moisture to the skin); Olive Leaf (stimulates collagen production and heals the skin); Myrrh gum powder (reduces wrinkles, regenerates cells and reduces inflammation).

*Certified Organic Ingredients.

100% Natural, Cruelty Free.