Vintner's Daughter

Vintner's DaughterFounder, April Gargiulo, does not come from the world of beauty. She comes from the world of fine-wine, where quality and artisanship are honoured and celebrated. After decades of struggling with her skin and discovering the highly touted, expensive skincare she was using was made from cheap, toxic filler, April decided to make something different.

April wanted a single product that was uncompromisingly performance-driven, high-quality and safe. It had to be multi-correctional and good for all skin types. She wanted her desert-island product. After two years of research and development, with the very best natural formulators, Active Botanical Serum was born. Every step of the formula was developed around the highest quality ingredient sourcing, careful formulation methods and serious, multi-correctional performance.

Uniquely, we begin with the world’s most nutrient dense, organic and wildcrafted whole botanicals, followed by a methodical formulation process that gently extracts their full spectrum of activity. The result is a serum teeming with the most optimal levels of skin-beautifying nutrition.

Inspired by fine winemaking, Vintner’s Daughter begins with the world’s most nutrient dense, organic or wildcrafted WHOLE botanicals and infuse their powerful actives into the formula using ancient, time-honoured formulation practices. Formulating Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is a time intensive labour of love that rests entirely on sourcing the finest natural ingredients from conscious growers around the world.

The unique process methodically ensures that every drop of the targeted foundation oils are infused with skin beautifying actives. This process is more time consuming and costly, but off-the-shelf extracts do not offer the same level of skin nutrition as this gentle, temperature-controlled infusion process. April truly believes it isn’t enough to start with the finest ingredients. You must honour their full spectrum of activity every step of the way through thoughtful formulation practices. Much like fine winemaking, quality must be your yardstick. Shortcuts do not yield game-changing results.

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