Van Der Faun

Vane Der Faun

Choosing a Van Der Faun fragrance is making a choice to envelop yourself in a cloud of goodness and luxury, encapsulated by the benefits of pure essential oils and certified organic ingredients.

Van Der Faun's creators pride themselves as artisans with a passion for the classic, the avant-garde and the intimate. They love beauty, opulence, grace and style and draw on those elements to create fragrances that are luxurious, timeless and exceptional. Read More >

Using 100% certified organic ingredients, namely pure essential oils, to craft pure scents from nature, Van Der Faun eau de parfums are not only a luxury product but promote health and wellbeing. The Australian brand care about the environment and all of their products are cruelty free.

While traditional perfumes can offer a feeling of luxury in the short term, they often contain dozens of toxic chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances that are absorbed into the bloodstream within seconds of application. Those ingredients can have adverse health effects, including migraines, skin irritation, asthma and allergies.

Van Der Faun believe beauty comes from nature and incorporate its very essence into their healthy, kind and ethereal scents.

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