The Divine Company

The Divine Company is a premium Australian beauty, skin, baby and personal care collection, founded in a small Northern NSW town in Australia. Holistic health advocate Therese Kerr is one of the original founders of this beautiful organic range, which works harmoniously with the natural elements. Read More >

The Divine Company are proudly Certified Organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), and put quality first, both in terms of the ingredients sourced and their eco-luxe packaging. Committed and passionate about offering beautiful skin care to enrich a beautiful life, Divine Woman is the culmination of years of research and a desire to bring a premium organic skin care line that is potent and attainable.

Age-defying, strategically combining potent and proactive organic plant botanicals to deliver skincare that truly enhances your skin. The products actively protect the skin’s surface from external pollutants and environmental stressors, through a combination of anti-oxidising ingredients. The Divine Woman pioneers the new era of naturally harnessed beauty, incorporating the power of pure certified organic plant botanicals. She is authentic, confident, discerning and committed to looking and embodying her greatest self. She is a pioneer of a new era seeking the purest certified organic ingredients, the power of science and the ultimate in age-defying skin care. The choices she makes are an extension of her values. Flawless skin is a reflection of her essence.

The Divine Company embody what it truly means to be Certified Organic and how to live an authentic life with the elements. They work with nature in all that they do, knowing the secret to an enriched life is to work as closely as possible with our natural environment. Eliminating compromised ingredients from our lives supports the future of our bodies, our farmers, our earth, and provides hope for humanity – both current and future.

The Divine Company believe that organic is beautiful in its innate intelligence, its simplicity. They have successfully channeled this into their certified organic skin care to evoke this grace and beauty in you.

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