Susie Sierra - Sierra Gold

Susie Sierra - Sierra Gold

Award­ winning artist, Susie Sierra brings a unique offering to the world of beauty with her new range of luxury skincare, Sierra Gold. By merging ancient wisdom with sacred materials, and applying them mindfully, she offers a diverse and multi­-layered beauty experience for women of all ages. The range begins with two gold ­infused face oils, Sierra Gold Light and Sierra Gold Deep. Read More >

Each of the oils is comprised of eight super botanical oils sourced from all around the world. Infused with the anti-inflammatory properties of pure gold leaf, this exceptionally beautiful, decadent and precious range is rich in primordial minerals, vitamins and anti­oxidants, and offers supreme anti­-ageing benefits.

Each of the face oils is underscored by carefully selected fragrances, such as the sacred Blue Lotus flower which is said to evoke deep transformational experiences. The Blue Lotus has been revered by Buddhist monks for centuries as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

The Sierra Gold range also incorporates the practice of "Blooming Face", an ancient Chinese Qi Gong technique which, if practiced daily, is reputed to not only delay the ageing process but to improve it. "I look at beauty from a worldly perspective," explains Susie. "I want to inspire women to know the full experience of their beauty which is many­ fold. Beauty encompasses all the senses and is deeply embedded in nature and the world of art and ancient culture."

Susie is renowned today for her exquisite paintings of nature; Susie spent her 20's working in the beauty industry as a model for Australian fashion magazines including Vogue Australia and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Today, she brings a unique approach to the worldly concept of beauty.

Sierra Gold products are 100% natural, pure, free of parabens, phthlates, sulphur detergents, mineral oil, petroleum derivatives, synthetic colour and synthetic fragrance.

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