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MV Skincare Muslin Cleansing Cloth

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  • MV Organic Skincare Muslin Cleansing Cloth is just what you need for a complete cleansing ritual, ensuring skin is left completely fresh, clean and clear.

    Used with MV Organic Skincare's Gentle Cream Cleanser and Energising 9 Oil Skin Tonic, this ultra-soft muslin cloth helps to steam, soften, infuse and gently exfoliate. It's also fast drying - the perfect choice for frequent travellers.

    "I have been looking my entire life for the perfect skin care and now I have found it!!" Melissa George, Actress.

    MV Organic Skincare is a luxury, Australian natural skincare line, using the highest quality ingredients chosen for their efficacy and purity. Created by master facialist and holistic skin expert Sharon McGlinchey, it has been highly praised by beauty journalists and celebrities alike for its quality, integrity and results.

    Country of origin: Australia.

  • Immerse in warm-to-hot water, squeeze out tightly so the cloth is damp, then hold over your face for a slow count of 5 or 10, before wiping away your cleanser. Repeat if necessary.

FIRST ORDER DISCOUNT EXCLUSION: We ask that customers do not use their Loyalty Program First Order Discount to purchase MV Organic Skincare. If you do this inadvertently, we will be happy to manually cancel & refund the MV Organic Skincare item off your order and allow you to order again at full price on a standalone order. All orders over $50 ship free in Australia so there will be no additional postage charge to split your order if you have also ordered other items to get your first order discount. Thank you for your understanding.

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