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Mukti Balancing Skincare Set

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To get your started with your beautiful organic skin care routine, buy Mukti Balancing Foaming Cleanser with Mukti Balancing Moisturiser and save $10 off the individual priced products!

Mukti's balancing skin care has been created especially for oily/combination skin types. It helps to calm, soothe and balance skin, with a calming and soothing effect on sebaceous activity, encouraging the natural hydration of upper skin layers.

Mukti Naturally Organic Skincare is a luxurious, native plant-based range, founded with 3 guiding principles – to be sustainable, ethical and organic. The name Mukti (mook-tee) originates from sanskrit and means freedom and liberation. "The skin is a living and breathing organ that requires nourishment from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, essential fatty acids (EFA's) and botanical extracts. All of these can be found in our plant-based skincare formulations," says Mukti.

Country of origin: Australia.

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