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Lux Aestiva Jade Face Roller

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Lux Aestiva Jade Face Roller is a brilliant way to depuff and calm skin. Buh bye cucumber slices! This traditional Chinese anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing beauty tool has been used for thousands of years to promote youthful appearances and smooth skin. Lux Aestiva's Jade Roller is a beautiful accompaniment to any skin care ritual.


– Clear fluids

– Boost circulation

– Improve elasticity

– Promote cell turnover for a brighter, healthier look

– Lymphatic drainage

Directions: Keep your Jade Face Roller in the refrigerator. Use on freshly cleansed skin alone or apply a serum or face oil (great with Lux Aestiva's Wildflower Face Oil) before using. Apply gentle pressure while rolling jade over face to assist in sweeping away toxins and balancing excess fluid.

Please note: hand carved from real slabs of jade. Each roller will vary in size, weight and colour. Some will contain higher levels of white Jade than green Jade. This is still Jade crystal and does not affect the effectiveness of the Jade.

Lux Aestiva create 100% natural, handmade, highly effective artisan hair + skin care products for people who choose to utilise only pure, vegan, natural ingredients on their hair + skin. All our products are created from scratch and cruelty-free. Using only the purest natural oils, the brand's original formulations are highly concentrated, highly effective and bursting with Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and minerals to help care for your hair and skin.

Country of origin: Australia

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