Canadian brand Plume uses the power of Mother Nature to deliver fuller, more dramatic looking eyelashes and brows. Their proprietary formula is designed to have a three-part-effect on the appearance of your lashes and brows: Hydration, Longevity and Protection. The result is thicker, healthier, lashes and brows that are long-lasting and long-looking. Read More >

Brand founder Lauren Bilon suffered from postpartum hormonal changes causing her eyelashes to fall out. To address her problem, she tried a popular prostaglandin based chemical eyelash serum. While effective in growing back her lashes, the serum had many unwanted side effects including turning her eyelids purple. Now unable to continue using the product, the effects wore off and Lauren was back to square one with short, sparse lashes.

Her next alternative was false lashes. While also effective in achieving her look, after an unfortunate incident with lash glue, she got a bad eye infection and was put on antibiotics for a number of weeks.

Still not wanting to give up on her lashes, she decided to start exploring more natural avenues. Through heavy research and extensive trial of various natural compounds, Lauren and her circle were starting to see some impressive results in terms of lash growth.

At this point, it was clear that she was onto something and that further development was needed. Lauren and her husband Brett enlisted the expertise of Irene Schnell, the former Head of Product Development at the Rocky Mountain Soap Company and an internationally renowned cosmetic formulator.

After 2 years of development, testing, and refinement, the result was a highly sophisticated and effective product, using 100% natural ingredients to grow both lashes and brows.

Launching first into the Calgary market, within 3 weeks the product was completely sold out and excitement was growing. Now, a short time later, the product is in over 100 retailers across North America and is expanding around the globe.

Plume has a luxury formula and branding to represent the savvy women it was created for. The Plume woman is glamorous and authentic – a natural beauty queen who empowers others to make a positive impact on the world around them. Plume Lash & Brow enhancing serum will make your lashes say va-va-voom!

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