Pineapple Heads

Pineapple Heads

Pineapple Heads is a fun, kiwi brand designed especially for kids bathing needs – making bath time enjoyable and safe! Founder Megan Sanders created the brand after being unable to find any natural, gentle yet effective formulas for her own precious kids' hair. Read More >

“After 17 years working in the advertising industry, I reckon I can tell a good idea from a bad one. So when my son sprouted unruly hair and I couldn’t find a decent kids hair product, I knew I’d stumbled upon an opportunity. Now kids don’t care whether their hair product is made from extra virgin kelp juice or nuclear waste. But parents do. And as a parent I wasn’t going to put any yucky chemicals on my child’s darling head,” says Megan.

After months of experimentation she came up with some amazing formulas the whole family will love! Using natural plant extracts including pineapple, lemon, apple and raspberry, they smell like lollies (but not in a sickly way!) and will leave you child feeling and smelling great!

Pineapple Heads is made only from 100% natural stuff. None of their products contain any dumb stuff like silicones, PEGs (we don’t even know how you would make anything cool for your hair out of PEGS), petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, harsh surfactants, animals – cute or otherwise.The super duper products have been fully kid tested and approved. Pineapple Heads test on kids, not animals.

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