Nvey Eco

Nvey Eco

Nvey Eco is at the forefront of organic makeup and skincare and internationally renowned for taking “green” cosmetics to the next level of perfection. Exploding the myth that going green reduces the performance and application of makeup, Nvey Eco deliver superb colour and long lasting wear through unique production methods. Read More >

Rohan Widdison’s bold and insightful approach to pure makeup artistry led him to launch Nvey Eco makeup in 2005.  “What interested me in creating the brand was the challenge to develop and bring to the world a true certified organic makeup range that could bring to life the artistry values and styles I had longed for during my decades in the beauty industry, combined with organic formulas that would nurture and care for my client’s skin,” he says.

Nvey Eco have more recently introduced their organic skin care line, which meets consumer demands for an effective but green experience. They have developed the concept of Ecological Optimum Bioavailability (EOB) – a skin care treatment system based on the specific delivery of core organic ingredients and natural actives layered upon gentle but effective delivery systems. EOB is Nvey Eco’s ecological approach to targeted skin care needs.

More than just a fashionable word, organics is a lifestyle to Nvey Eco, a responsible approach to cosmetics and an understanding of the environment. The brand's high performance characteristics are achieved without the use of chemical ingredients, such as parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances. Certified Organic by NATRUE and cruelty-free, the brand’s safe and ethical approach is globally recognised.

Green is the new black when it comes to Nvey Eco. The Nvey Eco woman enjoys using sophisticated organic products that combine the latest-fashion with skilled-artistry and high-performance.

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