MADARA launched in 2008, taking Europe by storm with its beautiful products that combine purity with efficiency. MADARA comes from Latvia and was founded from the dream of four women – Zane, Lotte, Paula and Liene – to make the beauty and philosophy of their region accessible to the rest of the world, and bring legendary Baltic herbal remedies into the present day. Read More >

MADARA is the embodiment of natural cosmetics from plant extracts. Since plants and humans are related at a cellular level, MADARA believe natural products work in harmony with your body. The name MADARA is the Latvian word for a sweetly scented green flowering plant that grows in the meadows and seaside dunes of northern Latvia. For centuries wise women have used this and other herbs for beauty and medicine.

Much of Latvia is covered by forest and natural meadows; the unsettled and harsh Baltic climate, with severe winters, long autumns, late springs and short summers, has generated a unique spread of plants. Baltic plants have adapted to survive in harsh circumstances, taking their energy in the short blossoming period and accumulating a unique amount of active substances – used by MADARA for their unique skin healing properties.

Natural in origin, safe and certified organic, MADARA products care for your health and your conscience. MADARA is certified organic by internationally recognised, European certifier ECOCERT, which prohibits the use of synthetic perfumes and synthetic preservatives. All the substances and methods used in MADARA’s production are environmentally friendly.

MADARA posits effectiveness as one of the synonyms for quality, striving for perfection through intensive scientific research and clinical trials. MADARA cosmetics are not tested on animals; instead they are tested by certified dermatologists and volunteers.

MADARA take a holistic approach in the creation of their products – believing beauty to go beyond external appearances, to also encompass health, wellbeing and a connection to nature. MADARA promotes a beauty that is far deeper than skin.

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