Karen Murrell

Karen Murrell is one of New Zealand’s leading cosmetic formulators, with over 15 experience in the cosmetic industry already under her belt. Her philosophy is twofold: stick to natural ingredients that provide health benefits and are better for the environment, and always strive for high-functionality. “I had a skincare range but was always fascinated with lipstick. I created a few colours, just as a gift for my girlfriends, but everyone sung their praises so I started manufacturing them," says Karen.  "Lipstick is an instant facelift. It has the same feel-good factor as a beautiful bunch of flowers.” Read More >

Karen Murrell Lipsticks come in chic, eco-friendly packaging and a range of natural shades that not only look but smell divine, thanks to their natural formula. So what makes Karen Lipsticks different? Firstly, you won't find any nasties: mineral oils, parabens, preservatives, lead, sulphates or animal testing. Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks are:

• Better for you and the environment

• Natural and eco-friendly ingredients

• Contain miracle oils of avocado and evening primrose nourish and protect your lips

• Carnauba wax base improves wear duration and decreases melting time

• Cinnamon makes lips fuller and plumper

• Natural fragrance and taste

• Biodegradable canister, recycled and renewable packaging

• Moisturises and protects lips

All Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks canisters are made from corn resin, so you can bury your canister in your backyard and it will start biodegrading into Mother Earth after 100 days! All packaging is made from 100 percent recyclable and renewable New Zealand and Australian trees, and printed using soya ink.

The Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick that looks good on everyone? ‘Violet Mousse’.  It has just the right blend of pink and brown to suit all skin types.


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