Indah With TLC

INDAH With TLC are one of Australia's premium natural brands, founded by humanitarian and actress Teisha Lowry in 2008. If you are interested in the importance of pure natural ingredients and the benefits to your health, living a holistic lifestyle and enjoying the beautiful things in life, without having to sacrifice on performance or quality, you'll love INDAH! Read More >

Teisha originally founded INDAH after falling in love with pure essential oils following a trip to Bali. She had originally headed to the country to seek out the medicine man in the Eat, Prey, Love story, after a bad break-up of her own. Although she didn’t find him, she did meet a Balinese woman who taught her about pure essential oils. On returning to Australia, she decided to enroll in a business course and INDAH Organics was born.

The new collection INDAH With TLC, sees INDAH being stripped bare: gone is the extra packaging, the flashy logos, certifications and any claims that are deluged with marketing nonsense. There's much more to skincare than expensive creams - it's about simplicity and making room for more of what matters.

The collection has been made for busy and active people. Each product is made with real native ingredients that make your life a little healthier and easier. Simple, effective and beautiful unisex products for every day.

At the heart of this beautiful brand is its dedication to being a sustainable and environmentally focused. INDAH is Palm Oil Free, Cruelty Free, uses recycled packaging and stock, and all ingredients are sourced from natural and renewable resources.

INDAH products are a true reflection of creator Teisha Lowry's healthy lifestyle: "Have nothing in your life and your environment that you don't know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. Live a simpler, more intentional life," is her motto.

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