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AROMANTIK Merchants of Menace Natural Atomiser Spray

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  • AROMANTIK Merchants of Menace Natural Atomiser Spray (30ml) is AROMANTIK's original, signature natural musk blend for men and women. For the land-locked, ocean bound at heart; it's one of their most coveted and talked about scents! Since antiquity the sensual allure and mystery of musk has captivated people all over the world. 'Merchants of Menace' was inspired by the desire to create a beautiful and unique musk perfume – without the use of endangered and cruel animal musk or modern synthetic musks (which have been linked to serious health and environmental issues). The result, which took over 2 years to perfect, is a masterful blend of 100% natural essential oils and absolutes that is equally gorgeous on both men and women, often stopping people in their tracks. The name is inspired by ancient voyages of the 18th and 19th century, and is also a reference to the aphrodisiac lore of musk.

    Top notes: Spearmint, French Lavender, French Cacao Absolute, Geranium Bourbon, Dark Indonesian Patchouli, Oakmoss Absolute, Natural Musk Accord.

    These natural oils work in combination with your skins own chemistry, creating a truly beautiful & unique fragrance.

    AROMANTIK is a natural perfume brand started by professional perfumer Sally Woodward-Hawes. The beautiful fragrances are lovingly hand-blended in small batches from her studio in Manly, Sydney. Sally uses only the finest natural essential oils, resins and absolutes sourced from all over the world.

  • Please shake before each use to evenly disperse the natural oils through the water base. A milky appearance is normal. Apply directly to pulse points as required. The heat of your skin will release the natural oils for a beautiful, long-lasting scent.

    IMPORTANT: Always patch test before use and in the rare event irritation occurs, discontinue use. Due to the high concentration of natural essential oils used, this perfume is not recommended for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or serious illness. If necessary, consult a health professional before use.

  • 100% Natural: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Parfum (proprietary blend of natural botanical extracts, absolutes and essential oils - Certified organic spearmint, certified organic French (Provence) lavender, French cacao absolute, geranium bourbon, dark Indonesian patchouli, oakmoss absolute, natural musk accord*).

    100% Natural. FREE from alcohol, artificial fragrances & colours, phthalates, parabens, and other chemical nasties. Not tested on animals.

    *Please note AROMANTIK never use animal derived or synthetic musk in their perfumes. When you see 'musk' listed as a note they're referring to a combination of 100% natural essential oils and/or absolutes that blend together to create a 'natural musk' accord.

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