Best Natural Deodorants

Natural Deodorants

At Beautiful Because we stock a wide range of natural deodorants to meet all tastes and budgets. From roll-ons, to sprays, creams and pastes, you can be sure to find a healthy, toxin-free deodorant here that works for you!

Natural Deodorant that Works

With so many natural deodorants on the market, we have had to be strict about those we choose to stock, selecting the best of the best and healthy formulas that really work. Many of our customers find the deodorants pastes and creams (containing bicarbonate of soda) to be the most effective. We also have some great natural deodorants for sensitive skin, including Erica Brooke Unscented Deodorant Cream; Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Fragrance Free and Lavera Roll-On Sensitive.

Natural Deodorant Paste

In particular we love Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste which is a fantastic unisex natural deodorant that will see you through the day, whether at the office or the gym. From coffee through to cocktails!

Erica Brooke Deodorant Creams are also absolutely fantastic, healthy B.O. busters that have beautiful essential oil blends for a natural perfume scent. Our top picks include Neroli & Vanilla - a heavenly & refreshing citrus scent; and Wildflowers - a powdery clean white floral with Fragonia, a native antibacterial plant that has brilliant healing properties.

Natural Deodorants for Men

Many of the natural deodorants we stock are unisex and ideal for men with minimal or earthy scents. Those in particular that work well, include Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste; Erica Brooke Deodorant Creme Him & Her; Mukti Botanique Deodorant Spray; Madara Bio Active Deodorant and Weleda Sage Deodorant.

Natural Deodorant Reviews

We have many reviews for all our deodorants, simply scroll down on the deodorant product page to read them. Check out a few of our favourites below:

Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Reviews:

"Awesome product – I had struggled to find a natural deodorant that actually worked. This one is absolutely awesome! Not only does it work, it lasts all day. New fav for sure!" Shannon C.

"Simply the best – Love the smell, it works 100%! Life changer!" Jessie H.

"Really works – This is my second purchase of this item. It takes a little getting used to applying the paste but it actually works and smells great." Ada R.

"Totally natural and so good! I am so impressed with this deodorant. Firstly as it is 100% natural and smells amazing. Secondly it really does work! Keeps me dry and smelling sweet. Don't underestimate the power of natural ingredients. Thirdly it is easy and a joy to apply. And lastly I am one step closer to staying safe from the harmful chemicals that are all around us. Will definitely keep purchasing." Christine S.

"Amazing! This is the ONLY cruelty free deodorant that I've tried (and I've tried a lot!) that actually works. Odor free all day, even after a 10 hour day at work followed by the gym! Was hesitant to use a paste, but it's easy to use, and a fantastic product. Will only be using this product from now on!" Lauren P.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant - Pure Vanilla Reviews

"Best deodorant ever – Very pleased with this pure, natural, sweet-smelling deodorant; will use always." Jennie C.

"Glad I got it – So far so good, was a change compared to what i had been using , but now i feel so happy i have changed to using Lavanila stick as so much better and have noticed the diffarence ...smell is great and it acutually works ..must apply 2x per day but thats fine still works ..for a natural product best ever used." Shona H.

Madara Herbal Deodorant Reviews

"Amazing! I've always been very skeptical of natural deodorants, however, after reading about Madara Herbal Deodorant online I thought I would give it a go. It's amazing! I feel fresh and surprisingly dry all day and it's far better than any antiperspirant I've used in the past. I highly recommend this product." Louise M.

"Love this product! Finally found a deodorant that works, keeps me dry and doesn’t contain all the nasties. Great product." Jocelyn L.

Eco By Sonya Deodorant Reviews

"Smells like summer holidays! Love my new Eco Tan Organic Deodorant." Kym A.

"Eco Tan Coconut Deodorant – This is the best natural deodorant that I have found so far and much more affordable than others I have tried. Will definitely continue to use this." Leanne J.

For more information about the different types of natural deodorants we stock, see our article all about Natural Deodorants.

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