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Black Chicken Travel Skincare Kit

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Black Chicken Travel Skincare Kit is a surprisingly beautiful way to travel. For everyone who wants to arrive looking and feeling better than when they set out, these Black Chicken Remedies face and body products will keep you feeling fabulous from head to toe. It will ensure you arrive at your destination looking revived, feeling great and smelling fabulous. Whether you’re crossing the globe or crossing the city, you’ll love the mind and body benefits of our Travel Skincare Kit. It also makes a great gift to share the love. It contains:

5ml Cleanse My Face - Purifying Oil Cleanser

15ml Hydrate My Face - Refreshing botanical toning mist.

15ml Love Your Body Oil - Deeply Nourishing and Hydrating

5ml Love Your Face Serum - Anti-ageing Hydration Booster

10g Balm of Ages - All Purpose Remedy

15g Axilla Deodorant Paste - Chemical Free Deodorant that works

5g Complexion Polish - Gentle Exfoliator

All in a handy black carry bag!

Look Better. Feel Better. Love Your Body. is the philosophy behind Black Chicken Remedies and it sums up the wellbeing and reverence for life beautifully encapsulated in their products. Founded by Chey Birch, in Sydney, the brand came to be after years spent making her own natural skin care. The skin healing benefits from the brand’s remedial products are absorbed through the skin and the olfactory system. Through the power of 100% natural ingredients in perfect balance, Black Chicken Remedies connect you and your precious body with the harmony underlying all living things.

Country: Australia

Certified Organic Ingredients.

100% Natural. Cruelty Free

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