Axiology Natural Organic Lipstick

Axiology is a cosmetics brand with a bold, brave take on beauty. They believe that kissable lips are sexiest, and have created a nourishing, sustainable lipstick— proving nobody needs to sacrifice their values to get glammed-up. Their lippies are Luxurious, Organic and Sustainable. Read More >

Gorgeous for the Body, Great for the Planet

Founder Ericka’s holistic and vegan lifestyle emerged in her early twenties, when she became dedicated to creating raw vegan smoothies and natural beauty recipes. Once she realised that natural compounds were rarely used in her favourite beauty product—lipstick—she decided to get in her kitchen and give it a go. The result became a labor of love and passion-project, Axiology.

Axiology carefully crafts their formulas from a harmonious blend of natural and organic ingredients. The result? Colours that dazzle on every complexion, with a burst of vibrancy that lasts all day.

Sustainable Beauty

For Axiology, kindness in action means the products match the integrity and intentions behind their company’s mission and philosophy. The lipstick boxes are sourced from Bali, where brand founder Ericka discovered a woman-owned recycled-paper boutique.

After personally witnessing all stages of production, Ericka wanted to support this amazing business that gives local women opportunities and a healthy work environment.

The paper used in their boxes is collected from all over the island—from hotels, offices, and households—and is taken to a small factory. It’s then boiled down to a pulp, dried in the sun, and finally folded and decorated by hand.

The gift inherent in these boxes is that their production helps trash reduction on the island, a growing concern as its population and popularity continue to rise.

Altruistic in Nature

Axiology is committed to supporting organisations that heal the planet and save our wild animals. But that’s not just lip-service: Axiology donate a percentage of our annual profits to partners like Orangutan Foundation International, PeTA, and other humane societies.

Axiology believe in love

Axiology believe in a world where using an everyday luxury like lipstick doesn’t include polluting the planet, hurting its beings, or ingesting harmful chemicals through our skin.

Axiology believe in creating a product from the purest ingredients available—so they can provide a brilliant end-result and support the courageous farmers who produce their raw materials.

Axiology believe that love is integrity in action—and let it guide their business.

Axiology believe in truth

Axiology believe in being conscientious about how products are crafted, and in making an honest effort to source all of ingredients from nature.

Axiology believe that truth is a vital aspect of integrity, and that words such as “ethically sourced” and “all natural ingredients” are fundamental practices, not convenient marketing language.

Axiology believe that honesty earns customers’ trust. We value that trust implicitly.

Axiology believe in luxury organic beauty

Axiology believe this precious Earth is stunning—and strive to add to that beauty with conscious actions.

Axiology believe that their customers deserve to feel beautiful while also feeling ethical about their cosmetics choices.

Axiology believe that real beauty is just that: real ingredients, real people, real intentions. Axiology’s deeply nourishing formula has been obsessively tested to provide an ultra-whipped finish and vibrant, long-lasting pigments.

Axiology believe in the power of creating organic, non-GMO products. Our lipsticks are formulated with pure, high-quality ingredients like organic coconut oil and avocado butter.

Axiology Australian Distributors

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