Atom Argan Oil

What began as an idea during brand founder Katie's enlightening travels through Morocco, Atom was created out of a desire to share her discovery of pure Argan oil and the ancient beauty rituals of the Berber women of Morocco. Inspired by the sights and shades of a country buzzing with energy and rich with tradition, Atom combines her passion for nature, travel and design.

The brand's signature ingredient, Argan Oil has developed a reputation as the world’s most precious multi-purpose oil. Boasting a remarkable cosmetic and therapeutic value indicative of the labour intensive production process, their 100% pure and naturally organic Argan Oil has been highly inaccessible to those outside of Morocco, until now.

“Atom aspires to represent self-love and confidence through enhancing ones own natural beauty.”

Atom is a socially responsible company combining natural ingredients and ethical cruelty free practices to produce quality products that actually work. The products are 100% Vegan and sustainably harvested through fair trade. To ensure the highest quality products, they personally source their ingredients directly from Morocco, and package them in Sydney.

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