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Acorelle Eau de Toilette - Intense Cherry

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  • Acorelle Intense Cherry Eau De Toilette (50ml) is an 88% natural fragrance from French beauty house, Laboratoire Odysud. Offering a simpler and healthier composition to mainstream fragrances, for the respect of the skin and the environment. Acorelle's Eau De Toilette's are long-lasting, natural-based scents. Intense Cherry is a gourmet perfume thanks to red berry notes blended with precious gardenia and orchid fragrances, with a warm, woody base.

    Top notes: Orchid - Gardenia

    Heart notes: Mandarin - Cherry - Raspberry

    Base Notes: Vanilla - Sandalwood

    You'll love Intense Cherry if you like fruity florals.

    We also sell Acorelle's 100% natural Certified Organic Eau De Parfums.

    Acorelle perfumes are designed on the innovative principle of ‘olfactotherapy’, Acorelle’s pioneering perfumes directly engage your psycho-emotional sphere, eliciting positive emotional responses for pleasure and improved sense of wellbeing.

    Acorelle’s sophisticated and vivacious perfumes contain complex alluring notes and active essential oils carefully selected for their olfactive qualities to energise, balance and soothe the mind. Bestowing high efficacy and natural ingredients, these pure pleasure-seeking fragrances will capture you from the very first encounter.

    Country: France

  • Perfume waters are made of wheat alcohol of essential oils with active substances and floral waters adapted to each scent.


    Please note: This product is only 88% Natural. We also sell Acorelle's 100% natural Certified Organic Eau De Parfums.

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