Shemana Crystalline Elixirs

Shemana Crystalline Elixirs are a holistic brand that take inspiration from our chakra system, based on the principles of energy healing, for a revolutionary approach to skin and body care. The founders backgrounds in energy work and aromatherapy have been integral to the creation of this unique brand, now based in the Byron Bay Shire. Some of their much-loved, innovative products include their Crystalline Elixirs. The Crystal Clearing Mist is a fresh scented spray often referred to as a “Smokeless Smudge Stick”. It’s essential oil and crystal essence base is designed to balance energy and clarity of mind. The Heart Activation Mist is a healing rose and vanilla essential oil based mist to help soothe emotional trauma, remove blockages and activate the Heart Chakra. The Savasana Meditation Mist speaks for itself, designed to get you in the right headspace for mindfulness or yoga by taking your senses to an exotic retreat. Shemana also have some Healing Body Oils which have both skin and wellness benefits, incense, bath crystals, body scrubs and after shave oil for him. Each product is carefully formulated and fits the brand’s ethos of cruelty-free, natural, organic where possible, enriching for the skin, enlightening for the spirit and absolutely delicious in scent and feel.