Rare El'ements Hair Products

Rare El'ements is a luxury collection of natural hair care products created in LA by a top hair salon owner and a model. This hair care line is highly revered in the industry by top celebrity hair stylists as having bridged the gap between the professional and natural world of hair care. It is featured in numerous magazines and is referred to in the beauty industry as the "best-kept secret" used on TV and film productions for repairing the damaging effects of everyday styling and colour services. What makes it so extraordinary is how a slimline luxury hair care line can transform damaged and distressed hair to “reverse the signs of ageing hair” through an enjoyable, pampering at-home routine that is accessible to all. It took years of formulation with exotic, rare and only the purest natural ingredients to the products you see today; able to treat the untreatable hair and scalp conditions.

The range includes the universal Pure Shampoo designed for all hair types and needs which will help remove product buildup and colour dulling residue without stripping it of its natural oils. There are two conditioners depending on your hair type Essential Lite – which is very lightweight for oilier or ageing hair, and the Essential Conditioner Masque – to rebuild weakened, moisture deprived locks instantly with through its healing exotic oils and rain-forest butters. The styling products double up as treatments – the Marula Cocktail Leave-In Treatment for protection, softness and shine, and the Hair & Scalp Serum for deeper hair repair.