Kjaer Weis Australia Official Stockist

Choose Kjaer Weis Makeup and you no longer have to choose between makeup that's chemical-free, that works well or that comes in chic, reusable packaging. The Kjaer Weis philosophy is simply that you can have it all. Founded by Danish-born veteran makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, Kjaer Weis cosmetics were created to fulfil a niche for natural and organic colour makeup that doesn’t compromise luxury or performance. Kirsten observed that many women she met used at least a few “conventional” makeup products they found irritating to their skin and begun researching why the perfect balance between nature and performance had eluded so many brands. Years of research and development has gone into her high-performance makeup range, created from some of the most luxurious organic ingredients in the world and packaged in gorgeous silver signature “KW” compacts.

When creating the cosmetic colours for Kjaer Weis, Kirsten’s years of experience led to a highly curated collection of products and colour options, beginning with the basic elements of what looks good on women, and what they use the most: a lip tint, creme blush, and eye shadow were the first items developed; the Kjaer Weis mascara shortly followed. The brand now have an extensive range of every day lust-haves available at Beautiful Because, including an exceptionally flattering creme foundation, highlighter, bronzer, lipsticks, lip pencils, lip glosses, eye pencils, and creme eye shadows. As well as makeup brushes, interchangeable palettes and their universal bioactive face oil for healthy radiance and hydration – The Beautiful Oil. Kirsten believes the best use of makeup is simply to enhance a woman’s natural beauty: “You want people to notice how great you look, not how great your makeup looks.”