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Flora Remedia

Flora Remedia is an Australian brand creating aromatherapeutic flower essence elixirs, specifically formulated to combat everyday emotional and physical ailments. The brand is built upon the philosophy of the healing energy found in nature and the ritual of self-care. The pocket sized, 100% natural fragrance infusions are endlessly inspired by the miraculous natural world.

The concept of Flora Remedia came about as company founder Maddy Dixon began her own exploration and studies of natural therapies and discovered the transformative power of flower essences in combination with quality essential oils. Her belief in the healing power of nature and her idea that fragrances should do more than make you smell good led to the launch of Flora Remedia.

The high quality essential oils are gathered from across the world and the flower essences from the European countryside; flower essences are tinctures whereby the energetic imprint of a plant is transferred into a liquid tincture. The essences have the capability to re-balance emotions and work particularly well with aromatic essential oils, which differ from flower essences in being derived from the physical parts of flowers and plants.

Flower essences have been used by many cultures throughout history, from the ancient Egyptians to the medieval Europeans and Australian Aborigines, for resolving emotional imbalances as well as specific physical ailments. It was Dr. Edward Bach who pioneered research into the effectiveness of flower essences and collected the most widely reputable evidence in the 1930’s.

Aside from smelling beautiful, every Flora Remedia infusion has a specific beneficial purpose; relieving specific conditions, such as cold and flu (immunity blend) and stress (calm blend). Such holistic benefits make them the perfect natural alternative to commercial chemical enhanced perfumes. Australian made, effective and convenient, you’ll love the power to embrace mind-body wellness without having to overhaul your lifestyle.