Hibiscus Skin Benefits


Hibiscus Skin Benefits

Botulinum toxin (a.k.a Botox) is widely used across the world to treat wrinkles. Injected into the skin, it works by relaxing facial muscles to conceal lines.  However, it is a harmful neurotoxin and not something us natural beauties would want to put on our skin let alone into our bodies. Fortunately for us, Mother Nature has a healthy alternative in the form of the hibiscus herb.

Hibiscus is a fantastic natural solution for lines and wrinkles since the extracts contain a high concentration of biomimetic natural oligopeptides which have been scientifically proven to show they inhibit muscle contraction to smooth expression lines. Also high in antioxidant activity, hibiscus extracts help prevent free radical damage to the skin from environmental assaults such as UV and pollution. In addition, this heavenly herb is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids which help increase cellular turnover and give the skin a youthful radiance boost.

Products containing Hibiscus:

By Nina Weston


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