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At Beautiful Because, we are very selective about the brands we stock - not only do they have to be natural, eco-conscious and cruelty-free but really work! We have a penchant for (affordable) luxury with eco chic brands being our forte. That is why I am super excited to introduce The Little Alchemist to our store.

The Little Alchemist - Beautiful Because

Beautiful Philosophy

Founder Natalie combined her love for natural, healthy products and luxury when she came up with the idea for The Little Alchemist. The local, Australian brand handcrafts their artisan products in small batches and sources only the purest, freshest and most potent ingredients for their skin care, body care and natural perfumes. The luxury products give exceptional results and feel incredible on the skin. There is no need for The Little Alchemist to dress them in fancy packaging – they use minimal, recyclable, eco-packaging. They are also accredited cruelty free and committed to being environmentally sustainable.

Beautiful Products

Not only are the ingredients they use in their products high-quality, but proven bio-actives with anti-ageing properties; in fact, they use 30 different botanical ingredients all specifically selected. The anti-ageing serums contain a synergistic blend of cosmeceutical natural plant actives, such as Vitamin A and potent antioxidants, in a base of nutrient rich, hydrating oils.

Some of our favourite products include the Banana & Cacao Face Glow - a dry face mask you can mix yourself at home for salon-worthy results. Zeolites and clays deeply cleanse, exfoliate and remove toxins to create softer, smoother skin, while raw organic cacao delivers essential antioxidants to provide the ultimate weekly dose of skin nutrition. It smells and feels divine! 

The Ultra C Radiance Complex Serum contains concentrated age-defying ingredients to neutralise free radicals, help stimulate collagen production, clarify, brighten and promote an even skin tone. Perfect as an essential daily treatment, it sinks into your skin quickly leaving it silky smooth and radiant.

The delicate perfume oils contain rare and potent plant essences sourced from across the world and captured beautifully in little bottles of luxury.  The uniquely beautiful and ethereal scents include Jasmine Loves Mint - sensuous and voluptuous it is reminiscent of warm spring days with the intoxicating scent of tiny little white jasmine flowers. It takes 8000 individually handpicked tiny white blossoms to produce one gram of precious Jasmine essence!

They also have a stunning Lotus Flower perfume with fresh floral notes that have subtle nuances of green and a Rose & Cardamon perfume that smells like Turkish Delight (delicate and floral, never too sweet)!

Visit our Little Alchemist brand page to find out more and view products.

By Nina Weston


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