Introducing Yarok Haircare


Food for your head. Good for the earth. Yarok means Green in Hebrew and was founded by renowned Israeli hair stylist, Mordechai Alvow, having experimented with homespun, oil-based formulas to revitalise and replenish the hair and scalp of his health- and fitness-minded New York City clients. Yarok has since grown into a flourishing hair care collection.

While Yarok do not test on animals, they've had many willing New York City salon clients volunteer to test all of their natural formulations before they went to market. Before long, there was such a demand for more products to transform a variety of hair and scalp issues and to overcome certain styling challenges. The brand have spent years developing and refining the complete line of Yarok hair care available today.

Beautiful Philosophy

Yarok is committed to transparency so list all their ingredients. They are dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint, so their labels are 80% NON-GMO corn, the most environmentally friendly non-paper material available that's waterproof. They can wrinkle slightly from time to time, but what's a wrinkle when you're saving a tree?

While you can count on Yarok to constantly innovate when it comes to offering the latest and greatest in healthy, sustainable, vegan nutrition and style for the hair and scalp, we are also committed to helping sustain the beauty of the planet. They donate 3% of its annual profits to The Pachamama Alliance, a non-profit that protects over 10 million acres of rainforests in the Amazon.

Beautiful Products

Using modified, traditional recipes of nutrient-rich base and essential oils, Yarok products are formulated exclusively from organic, wildcrafted and otherwise responsibly-harvested plant ingredients, hand-picked for their medicinal and sensory benefits throughout history, and sourced from pristine locales around the world. The products are created fresh, in small batches, to preserve their freshness, integrity and performance. Yarok is about relaxation and renewal in the broadest terms – nourishing the scalp with vital nutrients while serenading the senses with uplifting, soothing or simply centring aroma from essential oils – to promote wellness from the inside out. 

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Here are some of our favourite products:


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