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Mukti Organics

Mukti Naturally Organic Skincare is the latest brand for Beautiful Because. We're delighted to be stocking one of the first certified organic ranges to be launched in Australia; back in 2000. Since then, the brand has grown considerably and is now a leader in its native plant based, bio-active formulas used by beauty professionals across the country.

Beautiful Philosophy

Mukti decided to start making her own skincare after seeing a gap in the market for a certified organic, high-performing range. From humble beginnings she's grown her brand to be a leader in the organic field. Her philosophy to embrace a holistic lifestyle in all aspects of life has carried her through. 

The name Mukti (mook-tee) originates from sanskrit and means freedom and liberation. In Hinduism, it also signifies rebirth. "Every day is a chance to be reborn and to embrace a more holistic lifestyle," says Mukti. "The skin is a living and breathing organ that requires nourishment from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, essential fatty acids (EFA's) and botanical extracts. All of these can be found in our plant-based skincare formulations."

Mukti believe you don't need to scour the globe for bioactive ingredients since all can be found in our own environment, so they use native plants in their clinically proven formulas. The ingredients are sourced locally supporting the indigenous communities who harvest them.

Beautiful Products

From the beginning, Mukti's products has to be sustainable, ethical and organic and today they are certified organic by one of the strictest certifiers in the world – the Organic Food Chain (OFC). The handmade products are created in the pristine hills of Maleny, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and every last drop that enters and exits the lab is accounted for to ensure quality products are produced, without harming the environment. 

The clinically-proven formulas have been meticulously fine-tuned and include Australian ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, aloe vera and bioactive superfood native extracts that are highly compatible with skin, to assist in maintaining a youthful complexion and aid in cellular regeneration. Biophotonic violet glass packaging ensures harmful rays are filtered to maintain the ingredients' effectiveness and longevity.

The range categorises products by skin type and concern: Age Defiance; All Skin Types; Normal/Dry and Combination/Oily. The Age Defiance range also incorporates cosmeceutical peptides to target the visible signs of ageing.

Visit our Mukti brand page to shop products and find out more.

Here are some of the brand's most popular products:

By Nina Weston


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