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MADARA Organic Skincare are a Latvian brand who use organically certified natural extracts from plants growing in the Northern region and possessing the unique intensity of active substances.  The brand was established in 2008 by four founding friends, with the intention to bring legendary Baltic herbal remedies into the present day. The founders have succeeded in their mission, breaking formulas which have taken Europe, and now the rest of the world, by storm. Beautiful Because is delighted to be an Australian stockist.

MADARA Organic Skincare

Beautiful Philosophy

MADARA products come from Latvia – one of the three Baltic countries by the Baltic Sea.

Much of Latvia is still covered by forests and there are a lot of natural meadows filled with the primeval force and life of nature. For centuries wise women have used this and other herbs for beauty and medicine. MADARA has gathered specialists in all fields able to combine this ancient knowledge with the skills, information and technologies of the 21st century.

The name MADARA comes from a sweetly scented green flowering plant that grows in the meadows and seaside dunes of northern Latvia. Baltic plants have adapted to survive in harsh circumstances, taking their energy in the short blossoming period and accumulating a unique amount of active substances – used by MADARA for their unique skin healing properties.

Beautiful Products

MADARA use all natural and certified organic ingredients. Their products are certified by ECOCERT, a European certifier with strict criteria. ECOCERT prohibits the use of synthetic perfumes, synthetic preservatives like parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol and other synthetic ingredients. MADARA products are also cruelty-free, never tested on animals and vegan. Their crops are grown sustainably, their production unit environmentally friendly and their packaging recyclable.

The brand’s unique formulas are scientifically tested at the University of Latvia. Birch juice is one of the brands most groundbreaking ingredients. It is used as a carrier fluid in their formulas (in the way other brands use water). Since our skin is waterproof, the water has little impact; but when birch juice is used, our skin is able to absorb it. Birch juice has many skin healing properties.

The research into birch juice showed it to stimulate the growth of dermal and epidermal cells, and delay cell ageing. “The ageing of cells was monitored by using the presence of enzyme β-galactosidase as a reporter marker since the expression of this enzyme increases when cells age…A decrease in colour intensity was observed when the birch juice with 50% concentration was used, this gives evidence of reduced number of aged cells," says Dr. Janis Ancans, a researcher and PhD in Biology.

Birch juice not only rejuvenates but also protects the skin cells from oxidative stress, including UV rays, environmental pollution and consequences caused by inflammation. “By using the test system for establishing the free radicals of oxygen (ROS – reactive oxygen species) in live cells it was shown that the concentration of free the skin cells is lower in the presence of birch juice. The birch juice works as an antioxidant minimising the influence of environmental ageing,” says Ancan.

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Here are some of the brand's popular products:

By Nina Weston


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