Schmidt's Deodorant range expanded


Schmidt's Deodorant was one of the pioneer's in the natural deodorant space. In a kitchen in Oregon in the USA back in 2010, one of the first hard working pastes based on bi-carb soda was born, and it started a revolution.

Schmidt's branched out from the traditional pastes in a jar and branched in to deodorant sticks using the same formula, but with a less messy way to apply. This week sees us add the full range of deodorant sticks to our range. They are made in a variety of different scents and two distinct styles of formula.


Based on Arrowroot powder (for absorbing dampness) and bi-carb soda (for odour control), these sticks also contain coconut oil, shea butter, candellia wax, jojoba oil, sunflower derived vitamin E and natural fragrances for the best in odour and moisture control. It is available in the following scents:-


Since bi-carb soda can be a skin irritant for some, the sensitive range is made without the use of bi-carb soda and switches the odour control for Magnesium Hydroxide. If is available in the following scents:-


Since it was released, the Charcoal & Magnesium stick has been a hot seller.  It combines both bi-carb soda and magnesium hydroxide with the added power of activated charcoal with triple the odour control ingredients.

By Joanne Musgrave


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