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Created in New York City with ingredients sourced from the Amazon, Rahua was founded by hair stylist Fabian Lliguin and his wife and partner Anna Ayers. They discovered the powers of Rahua oil which they then made the star ingredient of all Rahua products, and then launched an ethical, plant derived line of products to strengthen and transform hair. Rahua is dedicated to preserving the Amazon Rainforest; working with indigenous tribes to preserve their ancient knowledge, while sustaining the rainforest and the powerful ingredients it has to offer the world.


“I love Rahua!!!

I started using Rahua a few months back and noticed that my hair was much healthier AND even grew faster!!! It is amazing!”


Rahua Control Cream Curl Styler

Delivering hydration, hydration and even more hydration Rahua's unique Control Cream Curl Styler entices even the most stubborn and rebellious of curls to behave like never before. Your curls will be on your side from now on!

With the magical scent of Palo Santo, the signature fragrance in Rahua products, Rahua's unique Control Cream Curl Styler uplifts the spirit for an overall luxurious experience.



I was looking for something to repair nourish and revive my hair and this was the perfect product for it love it and results it gives”

Rahua curl control
Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

A powerful weekly at home treatment with a professional strength hair mask made from plant based Amazonian ingredients to strengthen and rejuvenate damaged and dull hair.

“Amazing Hair Mask, just like the rest of Rahua products!
After purchasing the shampoo and conditioner, I was eager to try this hair mask. I am not disappointed. This range is fantastic. I have tried many natural and organic products over the last decade and hands down this is now in my top 5. The only downside (which is minor) is the smell, which is not offensive but not fantastic either - but this is not enough of a reason for not using it. It makes the hair so silky smooth. I love this brand!!”


Rahua Jet setter kit

If you are after trial sizes to see if the Rahua natural hair care products suit your hair then the Rahua Jet Setter Kit will be perfect for you.
This kit includes 2oz sizes of each for either trialing or travel:




By Renee Bell


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