Natural Deodorant options - the pastes!


Deodorant is one of those highly personal things, and what works for one person can be totally wrong for another. Whether that means stinky pits by mid morning, or skin reactions, we all want to find the perfect deodorant that is long lasting, and nourishing to our skin.

Today we will share some of the natural deodorant paste options that we have in store, and over the coming weeks, will look at other options like sprays and roll ons.


First – the firm favourite and most popular in our store – Black Chicken Axilla deodorant paste. So popular that we also sell it in bulk buy packs, it is chemical free and handmade in Sydney using botanical extracts and essential oils and a main base of shea butter, coconut oil, camellia tea oil and sodium bicarbonate.

For those who don’t like bicarb soda, they also have a barrier booster option that is bicarb free and made for sensitive skin.

If you haven’t tried Black Chicken deodorant yet, there are mini sample pots available in the store in both the regular and sensitive option.




Our other clear favourite with her range of deodorant pastes is Erica Brooke Skincare. Packaged in glass jars with a plastic lid these are a lovely eco luxe and handmade feel that has the reviews piling in. For those who love the paste option but are not a fan of the smell of Black Chicken, then Erica’s Neroli and Vanilla could be for you…


Best natural deodorant I have used, as effective as Black Chicken but a much more feminine, delicate scent.”


“Best natural deodorant!

I finally found the one that works for me!! I’ve tried quite a few others and I still get a bit smelly 😉. Yes you still perspire but thats natural, right. It doesn’t have a strong smell but still manages to make me smell good. I don’t know how she did it but it works!!”


erica brooke deodorant creme


The Erica Brooke deodorant pastes are available in Neroli and Vanilla, Him and Her, Him and Her double strength, Unscented, and a new Gentle Lemon Myrtle and Pettigrain option which is Sodium Bicarbonate free.

By Renee Bell


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