May Lindstrom Stock Update


We have great news, May Lindstrom is available to order again. I had the pleasure of spending an hour on the phone this morning with the team from May Lindstrom, learning more about the range and talking about samples, which we've had lots of requests for. Keep reading, I have some really good news for you.

One of the things I love about my call this morning was learning about the Freshness Guarantee for all the natural skin care that May Lindstrom produce. Each bottle has the date the product was born and a 'best opened by' date. This date is never longer than 6 months, to ensure the product arrives to you fresh. Once you open your product and expose it to air, you have 12 months to use it.

We can also confirm that we are able to start making samples of May Lindstrom products again. As they are a luxe product, there is a little bit of exclusivity around these samples. There's 2 ways to get May Lindstrom samples at the moment, and both are for free.

FREE OFFER #1 - place any order for $125 or more and you can make a selection from our Deluxe Free Samples list. Most of the time there will be something in there on offer from May Lindstrom.

FREE OFFER #2 - at the moment, we have all our May Lindstrom stock in pre-order. We are expecting it to arrive in our warehouse in approx. 2 weeks. Anyone who orders during this time will receive a free May Lindstrom sample with their full size purchase. It will be something different for you to try.

By Joanne Musgrave


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