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May Lindstrom Skin products are seen by many as the ultimate in personal self care and ritual. Within the range you are encouraged to explore, experiment and discover new ways to find balance and rhythm with your skin. Each product is there to compliment the others in the range, and many can be used in a variety of ways layering and creating your own unique and flexible routine. Even if you just start with one product from May Lindstrom Skin you can build your collection and steps in your pamper ritual over time.


May Lindstrom Skin

Below is a brief exploration of May’s own personal ritual using her natural skincare products.


Step One - The Pendulum Potion

Begin with The Pendulum Potion distributing 4-6 pumps into palms and then massaging gently into your dry skin. Next, wet hands and continue massage. Remove with a warm, steamy face towel gently sweeping upwards over face and neck. Rinse, and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed.

Step Two - The Honey Mud

Using a pea sized dollop of The Honey Mud, into wet skin to emulsify into a silky cleansing milk. Rinse thoroughly with warm water while massaging with the pads of your fingertips to remove. Note The Honey Mud can be smoothed over clean, dry skin to do double duty as a luscious enzyme masque.

Step Three - The Clean Dirt

Every 2nd or 3rd day, you can introduce The Clean Dirt to brighten and decongest your skin. Massage a generous amount into damp skin, then massage gently to release dead skin while rinsing away.

Step Four - The Problem Solver

Once or twice a week The Problem Solver can help to address blemishes and refresh the skin. Activate one tablespoon of powder roughly equal parts water to form an opaque mousse, smoothing over skin and then relax for 30-45 minutes. (Note there may be a tingling heat sensation with this product – embrace it as the active ingredients work their magic.)

Step Five - The Blue Cocoon

After every cleansing or treatment, The Blue Cocoon into soaking wet skin. This will melt on touch to a fluid potion and you can use only a small amount to achieve amazing results. A rice-grain sized amount is enough for most so you will get a lot of applications from the jar.

Step Six - The Youth Dew

Massage The Youth Dew into soaking wet skin immediately after cleansing twice a day. Enjoy alone or layered with The Blue Cocoon.

Step Seven - The Jasmine Garden

Complete your ritual with The Jasmine Garden, misting generously and massaging to enhance penetration into areas prone to sensitivity, oil imbalance, or breakouts.

May Lindstrom

By Renee Bell


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