Kjaer Weis Lip Gloss now in store


New to the Kjaer Weis range this season and new to our store this week is their new lip gloss. Available in 6 shades, it has been formulated to do more than just provide a glossy colour to your lips.

Castor Oil is added to the lip gloss to provide moisturising benefits along with the colour. Castor Oil is known for containing conditioning essential fatty acids.

Rosehip Seed Oil is a staple in many anti-aging skin care products due to its excellent tissue regeneration properties.

Sunflower Seed Oil is a natural source of Vitamin E. It is in the gloss to keep your lips protected from environmental stressors. There's no need to use a paw paw treatment with the gloss. It provides treatment and nourishment with the colour.

Your Six Shades are:-

  1. Treasure - A pale coral nude gloss. Semi-sheer color with subtle iridescence. Soft, shiny finish.
  2. Fascination - A faded raspberry red gloss. Semi-sheer color. Soft, shiny finish.
  3. Cherish - A neutral rose nude with a hint of shimmer. Semi-sheer color. Soft, shiny finish.
  4. Tenderness - A cool rosy-nude gloss. Semi-sheer color. Soft, shiny finish.
  5. Courage - A bright pop of mood-lifting coral gloss. Semi-sheer color. Soft, shiny finish.
  6. Affinity - A balanced rose-colored pink gloss. Semi-sheer color. Soft, shiny finish.

The Lip Gloss will be available in refills for future orders and has a 12 month shelf life once opened.

Find the full range in our natural makeup aisle.

By Joanne Musgrave


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